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Planning a kitchen remodel? Don't touch a thing until you see these awesome kitchen organization ideas! It'll be the best kitchen renovation ever!

Madeira, cimento e muitas cores se misturam nesta cozinha para dar as boas-vindas ao friozinho da estação

Cozinha aconchegante para curtir o inverno


Cozinha aconchegante para curtir o inverno

Интересные идеи для дома

Set of 2 Big Dick Hot Dog Roasters bbq Barbecue Top Wiener Cookers Roaster Grill Master Top Man Shaped Grilling funny gag gift

You know, I have always been a person who wants to save as many steps as possible so this idea follows my mind to a T!   I actually wondered if you could make your cupboards where your dishes go be close to the sink and have built-in drying racks.  This idea is tres cool as well and leaves the dishes on display in the most beautiful way!  I am sure we will see more of this as people riff on this idea! Kitchen, storage, dishes, dish rack, clever drying, unique kitchen ideas, kitchen…

A Built-In Drying Rack. and 35 things that are insane home ideas. The drying rack however, is a great idea.

kitchen countertop with built in compost via gardenista  not a fan of compost, but cool idea for a trash can underneath.

5 Quick Fixes: In-Counter Compost Solutions

butcher block counter tops- We used to have one of these in the Dutch Colonial house I grew up in. Real butcher block counter top with cut out for trash underneath. As kids, we thought it was so cool to have it!

Дизайн кухни в классическом стиле

Дизайн кухни в классическом стиле

"пыльно" зеленый, "пыльный" коричневый, бледно-голубой, бордовый, голубой, зеленоватый цвет, коричневый, салатовый, синий, цвет рассвета.

"dusty" brown color, "dusty" green color, blue-color, brown color, color of…

Кухня/столовая в цветах: Белый, Светло-серый, Синий, Черный. Кухня/столовая в стиле: минимализм.

Как сделать маленькую кухню удобнее: 30 идей

Small kitchen design planning is important since the kitchen can be the main focal point in most homes. We share collection of small kitchen design ideas

Kitchen Ideas, Industrial Kitchen Ideas, Industrial Kitchen Ideas as an inspiration. In this collection of 10 AMAZING Industrial Kitchen Ideas we are going to show you a vast range of industrial kitchen ideas

Дизайн маленькой кухни - стол-подоконник

Дизайн маленькой кухни - стол-подоконник