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an advertisement with the words what is this just saved? and how do you use it?
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len pony town
(got them yesterday!!) Vocaloid, Pins
ruikasa pins!!
(got them yesterday!!)
Cant Wait
an image of a pixel art style character sitting on the ground in front of green grass
rui !! ♡
you can copy but ask first ~ (ver w/ filters)
an image of a website page with the caption'i don't let creative out '
why does that look so funny
an anime figurine sitting on top of a desk next to a computer monitor
I got the Rui figure
a person holding a keychain in front of a computer
My cutie patootie is finally here!!! ;33
Idk why is he sideways (hand reveal??)
an image of some anime characters on the screen with different colors and shapes in it
4 mizukis