natural history / deer antlers & skull by ohalbatross on Etsy

Natural history / deer antlers & skull

I'd love to have a series of white skulls as reference to draw from, would be great if they were real but I'd want to be sure they were ethically sourced

Wolf skull by on @deviantART

The wolf skull is, from different views, a very interesting natural structure. Its shape can be developed and modelled for many different architectural or artistic proposes.

cat skull designs | Cat skull isolated on a black background.

Cat Skull Stock Photos, Cat Skull Royalty Free Images, Pictures And Cat Skull Stock Photography - Dreamstime



I. Skull Stock | Frontal View by NaamahVonhell

The first from several skull stocks I'm going to upload. Downlod for a full view Personal use only, PLEASE.

A Cry, New York Irving Penn Platinum Palladium print mounted to aluminum: