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I stumbled upon some avant-garde fashion shots and thought how great it would be to photograph this kind of work, especially if there were designers working near Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk More

Dion Lee couture knitwear I think this is spectacularly inspired and I'd wear it in grey/black instead. with spandex leggings and thigh-high boots perhaps.

.headdress / trippy armor / women's avant garde fashion

Huge dramatic sunburst headpiece futuristic warrior goddess queen fashion editorial photography (just whatever that thing is -- make it a halo)

would look grate as armour

“onder vleugels” (underwings) THEA TOLSMA, 45 x 45 cm rubber, onyx, gold Miraculous objects They are not made of metal or glass, but of rubber.


Fashion Inspiration (Eccentric Armor Accessories - The Valentim Quaresma Fall/Winter 2013 Collection is Metal-Infused (GALLERY))