Сутажная вышивка - большая подборка и МК для новичков. Обсуждение на LiveInternet - Российский Сервис Онлайн-Дневников

Создаем колье из кожи с сутажным декором / Leather Necklace with soutage decor after years of internet, this is the first time I see this

Soutache earrings in blue color. With glass pearls and TOHO beads. With ear pins.

Earrings made in the soutache technique. With glass pearls and TOHO beads. In blue color. With ear pins and silicone plugs pairs) Finished with a thin layer of felt. Ideal as a gift, packed in elegant bag.

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***Morcik (Arteria)***

Soutache earrings in colours of an sunset from ***Morcik (Arteria)***

Moniq soutache - Hair ornament made ​​of zircon, jade, fossilu and Toho beads

Moniq soutache - Hair ornament made ​​of zircon, jade, fossilu and Toho beads Más

Γεια, βρήκα αυτή την καταπληκτική ανάρτηση στο Etsy στο https://www.etsy.com/listing/154347616/soutache-pendant-very-elegant

Soutache pendant very elegant, eyecatching and unusual Handmade Soutache Jewelry - PRINCESS 7

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Soutache pendientes Candy hecho a mano colores de por ClassArte

Earrings soutache "Candy" Made in: Drop acrylic cabochons Cord mm from soutache. Back covered with alcantara Materials: acrylic, glass beads, beaded soutache, tila