50 фраз на английском для удачного выступления

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The wave experiment essay The Wave essaysThe Wave is a book about teenagers in a high school who wish to try this experiment. An experiment that started in one classroom, and like wild fire.

Удобный словарик основных значений англ предлогов #prepositions #voc #eng #rus #английские #предлоги

Удобный словарик основных значений англ предлогов #prepositions #voc #eng #rus #английские #предлоги

Фразы для начала выступления | Phrases to begin your speech

11 Russian Phrases for Commencement Speech 9 Russian Questions to Make Sure that You are Understood 15 Russian Expressions for Partial Disagreeing 9 Russian Expressions for Disagreeing 11 Russian.

Kaichou wa maid sama

Misaki and Usui. As far as blatant shojo manga goes, "Maid-Sama" is one of my favorites. Usui is such a terrible person and Misaki is just like the exact opposite of a romantic and they are just perfectly terrible together