Patuquitos de PUNTO a Dos Agujas [ Tutorial y Patrón GRATIS ]

Zara floral embroidered sweater

We love this jumper by Zara The oversized floral embroidered sweater is a MUST HAVE for this fall.

Прибавление петель в середине полотна.

Increases - Techniques with Theresa - Knitty: Winter 2009 how to avoid holes when making increases

Ёськины находки

Вязание по кругу без ступенек

JL Yarnworks: Tutorial: Jogless Join * Avoid that nasty jog when knitting stripes. Learn how to make a ‘jogless join.

техника вязания спицами

In this video tutorial you will learn how to make the three stitch attached icord. The 3-stitch icord bind not difficult its uses are many.

This tutorial covers an I-Cord Bind Off (or Cast Off). It is also known as Applied I-Cord. You start with the stitches you want to cast off. Begin by casting on three stitches with a cable cast on.

Нежный пуловер с листочками

жаккарды интарсия цветные узоры

Нежный пуловер с листочками