This cat who decided he’d let the human give him a bath for once. | 27 Cats That Immediately Regret Their Decisions

This is why I'm a crazy cat lady! If these cant make you laugh, giggle or smile at all then you're not human!

вот такая наша жизнь...

— Избранное :: wear your anorak with pride

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Now I understand Politics! When top level people look down, they see only poop-heads; When the bottom level people look up, they see only assholes. You will Never see another Flow Chart that describes politics so clearly.

HURU.RU ::: Фото приколы, юмор, смешные картинки.

The Wild and Friendly Bengal Cat Breed Bengal Cat Origins A relatively new cat breed the Bengal cat was first bred in North America. This royal looking cat breed was initially created by cross breeding a domestic ** Learn more by visiting the image link.