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an anime character with red hair holding a skeleton
ウラシマ on Twitter
a close up of a person with curly hair and an unkempt look on her face
Simple And Trendy Haircuts Great For Curly Hair 💇🏼‍♀️
Those days when all the coolest styles were only for straight hair are over. Here are some fun and trendy ideas and inspiration for curly hair...just don't cut it yourself gurl. ✨
a man holding his arm up in the air
Human Anatomy for the Artist
Anatomía descriptiva de los músculos del brazo. La Unidad Especializada en Ortopedia y Traumatología S.A.S www.unidadortopedia.com es una clínica supraespecializada enfermedades del sistema osteoarticular y musculotendinoso. Ubicados en Bogotá D.C- Colombia. PBX: 571- 6923370, 571-6009349, Móvil +57 314-2448344, 300-2597226, 311-2048006, 317-5905407. Nota: Si Usted vive en U.S.A favor comuníquese a nuestra oficina virtual 561-5946854.
a person with black gloves on their arm reaching into a glass filled with liquid and gold star