Моя жизнь

18 Pins
a fire burning in the middle of a beach
the beach is lined with rocks and sand
a fire pit sitting on top of a sandy beach
trying not to set the beach on fire
an empty road in the middle of some trees with leaves falling off it and one car driving down the road
the eiffel tower lit up at night with people walking down the street below
an image of a waterfall coming out of the side of a rock face with trees around it
a person walking down a sandy path towards the ocean at dusk with a sailboat in the distance
a laptop on a patio with candles lite up in the background at sunset or dawn
an alley way with potted plants on either side
a small pond surrounded by potted plants in front of a building with a sign above it
an outdoor dining area with tables and chairs in front of the mountains at night time
two people laying in the grass under a night sky with stars and planets above them
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