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(OC)지원이의 성장통으로 自傷無色_자상무색
(OC)지원이의 성장통으로 自傷無色_자상무색
a woman holding up a box with the words open the door in front of her
(OC) Open The Door meme 🔒
two anime characters with the words change the formality in front of them and an orange background
(OC) Change the Formality meme 🔒
an angry face with red eyes and yellow lines in the background, says an angel
(OC)いのちのおどり_니케 과거로 생명의 춤
(OC)いのちのおどり_니케 과거로 생명의 춤
an image of two people with the words i don't like your girlfriend on them
(OC)루시로 Girlfriend
some people in suits and ties are sitting at desks with their hands on their chins
an image of a woman holding a tennis racquet
two people are hugging each other and one is holding the other
two anime characters are kissing and one is holding a flower in front of the other
some anime characters with different expressions on their faces and hands in front of red background