Christmas 🎄

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Moscú, Rusia ✨🎄✨
Así se ve la navidad en Praga 🎄
Todavía es Octubre... pero vean que bonita se ve la época navideña en Praga, ¿les gustaría visitarla? 🎅🏼 🎄 #viajesmt #agenciadeviajes #praga #navidadenpraga #navidad
Enchanting stroll through the Strasbourg Christmas Markets ✨🎄
💡Strasbourg is home to Europe’s oldest Christmas market, Christkindelsmärik, which dates back to 1570. This magical city transforms into a festive wonderland, with about 300 stalls spread across 11 locations, immersing visitors in the heartwarming glow of holiday traditions.
С Новым годом!
a house covered in christmas lights and trees
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The Ultimate Christmas Market Guide
a christmas card with an image of a house in the snow
a christmas tree is lit up in the middle of an empty street with lights on it