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how to decorate your bedroom like a parisienne

A different style of city living! Parisian Apartment - great window seat to appreciate the view. I would love this sort of thing in the master bedroom - with a balcony.

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AG-3DA1 3D

© brassaï, les escaliers de montmartre, paris, 1936 I like the style of photography this person has because they are able to take cool pictures in the interesting areas of France.

9 Secret Gardens in the City of Love

Old English Conservatory with Cutting Sink, and Oak Panelled Storage leading out to the Formal Gardens.

Emile Gos - L’aveugle de la rue de la Seine, Paris, 1911

The blind man on the boulevard by the Seine, Paris, Emile Gos, L’aveugle de la rue de la Seine, Paris 1911

Edouard Boubat-Paris (1950s).

Edouard Boubat Paris 1950 France and it's creativity and special charm,we know it.

In an old house in Paris that was covered in vines...

An entry from good grief, miss agnes!

Paris 1930s  Rainy day  Photo:François Kollar

This photo of rainy Paris was taken in the by French Slovak photographer François Kollar.

Chartier, Paris The place to go for a traditional type atmosphere where the waiters run like crazy!

Chartier, one of the oldest; where the waiters wear traditional long aprons