Abandoned train station

This spooky photo appears to depict the Tram 58 terminus in Zugliget, Budapest, Hungary. The original source isn’t clear to me (if you know it, please note it in the comments so I c…

alice in an urban wonderland

I found the White Rabbit! Either I'm goin' to Wonderland, or I just tackled some guy in a bunny mask for no real reason.

Zena Holloway

In this stunning series called Swan Song, London-based photographer Zena Holloway captures an angelic beauty floating beneath the water. Born in Bahrain an

Duane Michals: Death comes to the old lady

Photography Sequence Duane Michals, "Death Comes to the Old Lady" Gives me chills and breaks my heart every time I see it.

cartier bresson - Google Search

Henri Cartier-Bresson – Immagini e Parole

Henri Cartier-Bresson - “Aquila Degli Abruzzi”, Italy, 1951 - absolutely love his timing and eye for composition

Shomei Tomatsu

Shomei Tomatsu - Untitled, from series Chewing Gum and Chocolate, Yokosuka, 1959 - 'Everything was moving' exhibition, Barbican

"Breathe no more" by Natalia Drepina | #Photography #dark #macabre

18 and dead inside. ~ For all your dark aesthetic needs ((none of the photos are mine))