Pearl Collar Necklace

Pearl Collar Necklace

High Relief Bead Embroidery on an Icon Frame

High Relief Pearl Embroidery – Close Ups and Tips

High Relief Pearl and Goldwork Embroidery - Larissa Borodich - The tulips were embroidered separately over a foundation filled from the back with polyfil, cut out, finished, and then applied to the frame.

Кулон Анахата

Biseropletenie i rukodelie: shemы podelok iz biserа i busin V induistskoй duhovnoй trаdicii «Аnаhаtа

This DIY collar looks gorgeous on and is so easy to make from felt, beads, ribbon, and a cereal box! :o)

I was asked by Smile Jamaica to demonstrate a DIY statement necklace; I chose to show the popular and very trendy peter-pan .