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Polymer clay, raw brass, glass bead Soon on my Etsy ________________________________________ Alisa Krinna Maskaeva copyright.

Totem-Halskette Flughund man eine Art Talisman von WarmRainArt

Totem Necklace “Fruit Bat” one of a kind talisman Statement Necklace animal…

Cheshire Eyeby ~angeliconArtisan Crafts.....interesting

So this is the second pendant featuring Burton's Cheshire cat. well actually this was the first one, but I was too lazy to take photos of it i.

Green And Silver Baby Dragon by BittyBiteyOnes.deviantart.com on @deviantART

This one looks a bit fussy to me. Don't feel like I have my dragon making groove at the moment Oh well Green And Silver Baby Dragon

Forest Soul - handmade openable Medaillon by Ganjamira

Had a day free, so I came to paint alot of unfinished pendants, lockets and charms! In that huge pile I found this beauty, I think I sculpted it.