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Узоры спицами

НЕОБЫЧАЙНО КРАСИВЫЙ УЗОР СПИЦАМИ [ "Extraordinarily beautiful patterns - pinned elsewhere here but w/o the chart.", "knitted feathers, should be able to figure out pattern with diagram and pictures.

Митенки-напульсники ажурные спицами | Клубок

Find and save knitting and crochet schemas, simple recipes, and other ideas collected with love.

Ажурные узоры спицами


Lace Knitting pattern, so similar to the Novembernebel shawl border (yes I thin…

Ravelry pattern

Occitan pattern by Beth Kling

The Occitan shawl’s semi-circular shape grows from a garter tab cast-on of just a few stitches and features a stockinette body with swirling increases that flow into the lacy edging.

this is made with a technique called "swing knitting."  unbelievably gorgeous.

Fadenzaubereien's Traumpfade

This is Knitting? This is made with a technique called "swing knitting. - OK, now I want to learn swing knitting!

Красивый ажурный узор спицами из обмотанных петель | каталог вязаных спицами узоров

Узоры для вязания спицами, схемы.