Sandra McEwen Enamel Jewelry

Sandra McEwen, Fine Art Jeweler, is a glass artist creating Champleve and Cloisonné enamel jewelry on fine silver in her downtown Raleigh, NC studio.

hidalgo rings.

hidalgo rings - some of their rings have interchangable parts and colors. if I won the lottery, I would have a vault of those interchangable rings to go with everything

Wonderful collection of Hidalgo rings in diamonds and 18k white and yellow gold with enamel. Hidalgo has often been referred to as "The King of Stackable Rings".

Rings by Hidalgo Jewelry--I love these enameled rings. I'd like to do a stack in the color of mine and my boys birthstones; diamond, pink tourmaline, and aquamarine.

Кольцо с горячей эмалью Боярская

Кольцо с горячей эмалью Боярская