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a bed with a colorful comforter and pillows on it's headboard next to a night stand
an empty bottle sitting on top of a blanket next to a towel and water bottle
several hanging baskets with designs on them in a room filled with other items and materials
there is a wall hanging with different types of yarns on it and a wooden bench in front of it
'Greige' by Fiber Artist Jane Knight
six different colored pencils are lined up on a white surface and one is in the middle
Colour Control - Studio Simone Post
Colour Control, Simone Post, Envisions, Dutch Design Week 2016, photo by Ronald Smits
there are many different colored pencils on the table
WePresent | Meet experimental Dutch designer Simone Post
an art piece with many different colored cords hanging from it
Modernism, in all its sensual delight - The Boston Globe
Herfstachtige kleine kunstdoeken Hessian, Bags, Klein, Textiles, Die, Burlap Bag, Heb, Burlap
Herfstachtige kleine kunstdoeken
Herfstachtige kleine kunstdoeken
a piece of art hanging on a wall next to a white wall with a wooden frame
Stoffen kunst aan de muur
Fabric wall art
a close up of a piece of cloth on a table with an intricate design in the middle
deconstruct/reconstruct — paula kovarik