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Russian advertisement for coffee Nice, to see this! I just like looking at beautiful things of all shapes, sizes and colours and that's that.

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плакат, прикольный плакат, плакат ссср

"A general military training is a safeguard for freedom," 1919.  In the years following 1917, the Soviet Union is torn by a bloody civil war between the 'Reds' (the communists) and the 'Whites'. This poster calls for the farmers to fight on the side of the Reds.

"A general military training is a safeguard for freedom," Soviet, 'Red' (communist) v. 'White' civil war: appeal to farmers to fight for the Reds.

35 Communist Propaganda Posters Illustrate The Art And Ideology Of Another Time

35 Of The Most Impressive Communist Propaganda Posters

Propaganda posters were among the most significant tools for influencing public opinion in the Soviet Union. The text that accompanied each poster was. , , From Pinterest "Let's unroot this evil!" USSR posters

USSR anti-alcohol posters, almost forgotten art. This is a nostalgic style in graphic art, called the Soviet realism. Posters from Soviet days were devoted to the victory over the Germans. Check out Anti-Alcohol Posters From USSR Days

Soviet union ussr Propaganda Soviet poster Soviet by SovietPoster, $9.99

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soviet propaganda poster

Defence of Moscow. On the poster reads: we will defend

Communist Ag art 5

Red Farm Propaganda

The Art of the Bribe Under Stalin

Guest: James Heinzen is a professor of History at Rowan University where he specializes in modern Russian History. His new book is The Art of the Bribe: Corruption under Stalin, published by Yale University Press.