Cores e as possíveis combinações!!!

Great Color Combinations

How to Figure Out What Colors Look Best On You  #bestclothingcolors

How to Tell If You Have Cool or Warm Skin Undertones

Chapter 5 talked about color preference and color choice for clothes. Your complexion, hair, and eye color can play a huge impact on which colors look best on you, and if you are a warm or cool colored person when it comes to clothing.

This guide will help you learn about finding flattering colors for your skin tone using seasonal color analysis. Knit sweaters that look great on you!

Colors for Your Skin Tone: The Ultimate Guide to Color Theory For Sweater Knitters Part 4

Farben-Theorie 6

Ever since I wore these pieces together, I have been really inspired to start making braver choices with my color pairings. Although wint.