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Young Justice. Supermartian FanArt by MissDianaRussia

Supermartian FanArt by MissDianaRussia

Superboy VS Lagoonboy by MissDianaRussia

Superboy VS Lagoonboy, I actually like Lagoonboy as a character, but NOT as a Megan's boyfriend. Superboy and Megan is a better couple

Superboy.. by MissDianaRussia

by MissDianaRussia

B04 Superboy.....why was it cancelled?! WHY???!!!!

I am the Superboy, a genomorph, a clone made from the DNA made from the Superman, created to replace him should he perish, to destroy him should he return from the light.

Young Justice, Search, Bond, Connect, Research, Searching

perversion begins… muahahaha!