panier à linge dans meuble de salle de bain

Agencement d'une salle de bain avec un lave linge

Дизайн ванной с элементами русского арт-деко и минимализма

The soothing tones of a neutral coloured bathroom makes them instantly like-able and extremely popular.

Revestimento lindo para banheiro.

Give your white bathroom a few botanical touches by displaying a selection of plants in a decorative way.


Фотографии - Ванная в стиле Восточный

Space saver alert. We just found the Polder Duo Shower Rod at Linens N Things and fell in love. It's a classic, chrome shower curtain rod with a twist: it's a double rod: the inner one for the shower curtain and the outer one for hanging towels.   For those of us with limited wall space in the bathroom, this is a treasure. And it's pulled off without being too bulky or noticeable.   Five feet of extra hanging space for under $40 is not bad, not bad at all.

Polder Duo Shower Rod

Polder DUO Shower Curtain Rod & Towel Rack - great idea for extra space to hang towels to dry