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La La Land — City of Stars Download PDF Piano Sheet Music

This is a music sheet we can use the notes in the stave for the background. We chose this song because the tile of this song - "City of Stars" matches our pillow cover idea "starry night of Kathmandu"

when we talk to god ... we are really talking to ourselves, as all is within .... there is no outside entity telling us what to do, and keeping tabs on us as individuals .... it's purely contrived dogma that puts god "outside" of us .... the bullshit story ....

“Do not feel lonely, the entire universe is inside you.” – Rumi Related posts: The Weekend Wonder – Rumi The Weekend Wonder – Jim Rohn The Weekend Wonder – Steve Jobs The Weekend Wonder –… View Full Post

♡  "I iften think that the night is more Alive and more richly colored than the day."  ~Vincent Van Gogh  ♡    Live your Truth, Learn, Thrive, Survive, Live & Laugh Often!  )O(~Blessed Be

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Will be counting stars

Beginning today, help me to free my mind from all the false messages I deliver to myself, to every human, to every life form on this beautiful planet. don Miguel Ruiz” // illustration inspiration