Короткий жакет крючком

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Короткий жакет крючком [ "Short jacket with pattern", "I like the stitch pattern more than the jacket, I think.", "womens cardigans in Diverse Women

филейное вязание

филейное вязание

Ravelry: tosh merino light project gallery Wow! Gorgeous sweater lace pattern…

The stitch pattern is based on the classic “Branched Fern” shown in Barbara Walker’s Second Treasury. Ravelry pattern is called East Gable Shawl by Judy Marples and was made into this sweater.

Ravelry: Karelle pattern by Natalie Marshall

Karelle pattern by Natalie Marshall

Джемпер с жаккардовой розой. Очень красиво!


Probably using duplicate stitch, could do on simple store bought sweater

Выкройка-шаблон для вязания спицами