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an orange cat with a red bow on its head is standing in front of a white background
формат_А4 - 1 лист. Фигурки_Три Кота_(©-Устроим-Праздник)
an orange cat wearing a santa hat and throwing confetti in the air with stars around it
Oops, something lost
an orange cat is carrying a red book
an orange cat with a bow and arrow
an orange cat with five other cats and a trophy in his hand, standing next to each other
three cartoon cats with hats on and one cat wearing a hat, standing next to each other
a cartoon cat holding a gift box with a hat on it's head and wearing a red scarf
Oops, something lost
a cartoon cat is standing next to a pile of gift wrapped in paper and ribbon
Oops, something lost
Три кота. Зима