CW: Reality issues, medcore & trauma
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a pink poster with the words consciousness is an illusion it's worm time baby
it's worm time babey!!!!
a cartoon character with long hair and big eyes
a person standing in the dark with their hands up to their face and mouth open
Don't walk out the room
the silhouette of a person is seen through an open window
a person in a red outfit is walking down the stairs with a light on their head
Something keeps making sounds of people in basement.
a white stuffed animal with black eyes on it's face
an animal made out of metal and other items in the shape of a dog with long legs
The Mangle
an advertisement for the animated movie, extra six's with characters and their names
The Mangle
a metal dog sculpture on display in front of a tv screen with the caption's name
the legs are lit up with neon lights and designs on them, as if they were glowing