Русское средневековье

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Armies of Medieval Russia 750–1250, Facing the Mongols, early 13th C. Osprey Publishing

scans from Russian sources on arms/armour, they're all Osprey style illustrations

Novgorod republic militia late 14th century

m Fighter Villager npc Novgorod republic Militia late century forest hills farmland captain

Come at me brah! xD medieval Rus lamellar 10-11 century

A Rus warrior wielding a two handed bearded ax, which was used to climb over walls, break shields and tear plated armor apart.

Ancient Russian Princess in her enamel tiara with temple pendants (kolty). The second half of the 12th – early 13th century.  Reconstruction of the wearing style according  to the  archaeological data. #medieval #Russian #history

Russian princess in enamel headwear with tiara and kolt, second half of XII – early XIII Ancient jewelry headwear of Russian women

русская атака - Поиск в Google

русская атака - Поиск в Google