Carnaval 2023

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two men in colorful costumes are playing drums on the sidewalk while people walk by behind them
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a woman in gold pants holding up a large cardboard sign
a group of children sitting on top of bumper cars in the middle of a street
five different colored m & m's are in a circle with their hands together
M&M’s Reveals First New Candy Character in a Decade to Celebrate Inclusivity
a green tutu skirt with the letter e on it and letters in different colors
Easy DIY m&m costume for toddlers: Easily adaptable for other sizes
a green bag with the letter m on it, and a face drawn in white
some people are dressed in costumes and holding flags
the back of a purple dress with multicolored sequins and beads on it
two women dressed as clowns with popcorn and candy in their hair posing for the camera