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a sailboat with people on it in the water near some buildings and boats parked along the shore
What are the 10 best things to do on Lamu? The laid-back Kenya
two wooden boats sitting on top of a sandy beach
two men are sitting on the steps in front of an old building with stone doors
Lamu Island
a woman standing in the doorway of a store with bananas and other items on display
Viaje a Zanzíbar: qué ver en la isla de las especias - Nomad Bubbles
Stone Town en Zanzibar
two men walking down an alley way with flags hanging from the buildings and people sitting on benches
Visite de stone town, le coeur historique de Zanzibar - que faire, que voir ?
a woman standing in front of a building with an ornate design on it's face
Miss Latifa in front of Zanzibar old door, Tanzania