Наука и технологии: Люди считывают эмоции по глазам

There were simply too many beautiful women in our posts this week to include in our Best Photos of the Week, so as a special treat, we're breaking them out into their own weekly post.

Совсем недавно РБК опубликовал список самых продаваемых книг в России за 2015 год. На основе данных, собранных издательствами нашей страны, в Топ-10 вошли следующие книги:

How to Read Textbooks Effectively (+Free Checklist) * As Life Grows

"Something inside of us knows what is right for us, and we have to humbly learn to track its voice and align its wisdom with our outer choices." ---Jungian author and analyst, James Hollis

Нарушил молчание: в Лондоне гвардеец напугал назойливого туриста


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