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Vil Ultionem

Vil Ultionem
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Lucifer, Engraving by Cornelis Galle I, After Lodovico Cigoli, Belgium, 1591-1650

An engraving of Dante’s encounter with Lucifer/Satan at the end of the Inferno. Illustrators of Dante have given us a number of depictions of Dante’s fallen angel—a monstrous beast with multiple wings and three heads

black the priest of satan

gorettmisstag: “ Émile-Antoine Bayard - Dance of the Sabbath, from the book ”History of Magic“ by Paul Christian, 1870 ”

Is this what will be left of Hamlet by the end of the play? I'm hoping his "crazy" will not lead to his end!

i chose death because i slowly wait for the day that i get to see which heaven my soul belongs to