Нафаня Издательство

Нафаня Издательство

Детские журналы для детей: "Кот Васька", "Солнышко для друзей" и "Нафаня"
Нафаня Издательство
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Elsa Chang ‏@ElsaSketch - Took some suggestions and did a 2nd draw over. Tilted the skirt, hid a part of the hand behind the front of the skirt

The posture beneath the skirt is super helpful.


Mei from Totoro expressions)

Look at me! Personal project by Cranio Dsgn

18 eyes / These are all pretty cool. I love that realistic eyes were created with only very simple elements. It really shows the amount of character that goes into eyes by looking at each one.

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Plains of the Head by John Asaro.

John asaro planes of the head


Sci-fi girl by sakimichan.

Liminal Spaces: A Conversation with Daniel Sprick : Painting Perceptions

Liminal Spaces: A Conversation with Daniel Sprick : Painting Perceptions.

"Henry" by David Kassan

"Henry" by David Kassan - Oil on Board,

The Traditional Work of Jeremy Mann - Figure

by Jeremy Mann 1979 - American Impressionist Figurative painter

Fine Art and You: American Realist Figurative Painter- "Jeremy Lipking 1975 "

Half a heart Jeremy Lipking