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an image of the back side of a computer screen with text and pictures on it
Soo, Now I have a Tumblr...
an open box containing several different types of paint and brushes sitting on a ledge next to a pond
Spellbook Gaming Boxes
Gaming boxes built to look like arcane tomes! Rich leather, wood and metal come together in an elegant package that's functional & fun.
the storyboard for an animated comic strip
There You Are - The GaMERCaT
The GaMERCaT » There You Are
an ancient alphabet written in white on a black background with the letters and numbers below it
i absolutely love the look of ancient hylian
the storyboard for how to draw cartoon animals
Mute Link, The Legend of Zelda artwork by Some Thomas.
the legend of zelda comic strip
Lovely memento, The Legend of Zelda artwork by Some Thomas.
an iphone screen with the text don't to dare for snakes
The Internet's Most Asked Questions
"Earlier today, I cried while thinking about Snape as I was driving. I've hit a new level of nerd."
the legend of zelda comic strip
Beautiful music, The Legend of Zelda artwork by Some Thomas.
an animation strip showing different stages of the same character
Chiefest and Greatest of Calamaties
Ha!<----- this is PERFECTION
an image of different types of hats and their names in each language, including the word's name
26 Things You Probably Never Noticed That Will Blow Your Mind
a drawing of a woman sitting on a bed next to a man with long hair
The Adventures of Link
Link's appearance was in spired by Peter Pan which was one of Miamoto's favourite stories. This fanart refer to that root. Very nice^^
a large poster with many different pictures on it
9 categories of anime recommendations for everyone
9 categories of anime recommendations for everyone --- pfft I've watched just a few of these: Fullmetal Alchemis, Attack on Titan, Sword Art Online, Fairy Tail (just the first episode but I still want to watch it XD) Fate/Zero, And I think that's it XD Alsnoah/Zero isn't on there though XD Alot of them I've heard of :P Cowboy bebop, Naruto, Kill la Kill, Death Note, Psycho-Pass, etc. XD
a tree that is in the middle of a desert with words run forest run on it
Funny Quotes
I laughed too hard at this.
four different views of mountains and hills with yellow lights on them, all in the same direction
POwl #18: Oakenshield Impressions by PeckishOwl on DeviantArt
Thorin as an Owl. Too funny not to repin