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Transparent Nude Beige Tattoo Black Hipster Chick Vintage Print Gun Sexy Shotgun Pantyhose Stockings Tights Leggings on Etsy,

Cityscape Socks

There's a kitty in the city, silhouetted against the dusk-blue buildings that rise up your legs into a moonlit night.


Sock it to me socks Sloth Socks. :D If only they weren't that horrible purple color lol


Bella Half Toe No Shows with Grip - Sock Dreams - Unique Colorful Socks


Squid O Midcalf - Sock Dreams - Unique Colorful Socks

pretty fantastic

Tie Dyed Striped Knees - Classic tie dyed pattern on our knee high striped Dream Stockings, we think the result is pretty fantastic! Made and dyed in the USA.

Socks by Sock Dreams

Chat Noir Knee High - This iconic black cat's image has been used in posters and artwork since the starting out on a Bohemian Cabaret sign in Paris. now you can adorn your legs with it, nicely framed by dark red toes & cuff.