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·Keeping your cat healthy will prolong her life and maintain wellbeing. articles and guides to ensure a healthy cat. Pins for your cat's dental health, physical…
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Pet Health Planner
Pet Health Planner is very important for pet owners, particulary in multi pet households to keep all your pets' health-related information in one place and track the progress and medical expenses. This pet medication organiser helps you remember about a medication or a vet appointment. A perfect digital download for all pet owners: cats, dogs, and other pets. #cathealth #pethealth #pethealthplanner #pethealthchecklist
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Common Cat Illnesses
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Reiki For Pets
Unfortunately, like any human beings, our kitties might be depressed or aggressive and might be seriously ill or too old to be active and enjoy their life. However, it does not mean pet owners should accept a situation and not try to support their cat. Reiki for cats and pets in general is a good thing to consider. Read the review about amazing online Reiki classes for pets that have been designed by Lisa Powers and Kathleen Prasad.
Toxic Plants to Cats
A cat owner should know what common plants and flowers are poisonous to cats. Sign up for our newsletter and get a free e-book that includes the list of 78 toxic plans and flowers for cats to avoid any health issues and provide safe surroundings for your kitty.
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Cat Health - Feline Coronavirus
Feline Coronavirus (FCoV) RT-PCR is a common viral infection in felines. In most cases the infection is asymptomatic but can cause mild diarrhea. Most infected cats eliminate the virus themselves, but some cats can shed a big amount of the virus, and can be the source of infection of other cats in the household. Read more
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Best Cat Food For Sensitive Stomach
A few weeks back, we visited our furry friends from a friendly shelter. Asking about their needs we were told that this time the shelter needed food for cats with a sensitive stomach. Wishing to provide accurate information, we reached out to one of the best sources of professional information – dr. Uri Burstyn (Arbutus West Animal Clinic and YouTube Helpful Vancouver Vet channel), whom we would like to credit for his recommendations. Read more
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Best Cat Food For Sensitive Stomach
Read on our top picks for the best food for cats with sensitive stomach. Hill’s Prescription Diet i/d Digestive and Royal Canin Gastro Intestinal provide optimal digestive health, support for your cat's sensitive tummy, and are recommended by vets. Read more
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Pet Health Tracker
Pet health tracker will be a perfect tempalte to cat and dog owners who wish to keep an accurate record for each of your pets throughout their life span. Availble on Etsy. Price:$3.20
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Do Dental Treats Work?
Do you know that treats remove build-up of saliva, bacteria and food on the teeth and at the gum line by scraping away the gunk when your cat chews, some can help with “kitty breath”, they help remove tartar (a hard yellow or brown residue on the teeth), improve your cat’s gum health and overall clean your pet’s teeth. If your cat is on a wet food diet, dental treats may help reduce gingivitis (inflammation of the gums). See our curated list to know what dental treats are best for your pet.
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Why Do Cats Go Grey?
When cat owners notice grey whiskers in their fluffy friends, the first thought that comes to their mind is that their cat is ill or is getting older. But in fact, grey hair in cats is not only with because of these two reasons. Grey hair in cats does not mean advanced age at all. Find out more about 4 reasons why your kitty's hair is turning white
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Natural Herbal Ear Cleaner For Cats
Natural herbal ear cleaner for cats created by holistic veterinarian, Dr. Deneen Fasano. The cleaner includes only natural herbs and essential oils, and can be used as a routine ear cleaner. It's perfect cleaner to use after bathing, and can also be used topically on the skin for skin infections, skin allergies and rashes. Can be used 1-3 times a week on cats., but not recommended for daily use on cats. Visit Fasano Etsy shop to read full information. #ad
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How Do You Need to Take Care About Cat's Dental Health?
The best answer is: you need to brush your kitty's teeth every day, but other options such as one or two times per week are also acceptable. An owner can also perform mouth inspection, to look inside and under the tongue. When you have done this several times, you will begin to notice any changes, differences in smell, bleeding or any signs of inflammation. In case of any concerns, contact your vet immediately. Read more about about kitty's dental health
an orange and white cat with the words how to get your cat to drink more water
How to Get Your Kitty To Drink More Water
If you think your pet needs to drink more water, read our tips on how to encourage a 4-legged friend to drink more water. Proper water intake is very important for your kitty's health, and cat owners should know how to get cat to drink more water if a pet is not a big water drinker.
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Cats. Complete guide to owning and caring for your feline friend | Meowpassion
Cats can drink a little, and if an owner feeds cats with food with moisture content, they might not drink at all. This means health problems can arise such as with urine, infections, problems with their kidney and organism in general. The conclusion is clear: a cat should drink enough water. Read our post to find the answer to questions every cat owner should know.
a yellow cat laying on its back with the words what is the best food for cats with sensitive stomach?
What is the Best Food For A Kitty With Upset Tummy?
What to look for in cat food for a sensitive stomach? What brands can your trust? Read on our picks (recommended by vets)for the best food for cats with a sensitive stomach and will know about the best formulas for your kitty health.