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Isn't this amazing? Just Horses.

Funny pictures about Formation of a horse. Oh, and cool pics about Formation of a horse. Also, Formation of a horse photos.

Collie on a Pony's back--both faithful, both loyal, both close to man--if you treat 'em right, they just might save your life.

God made dogs human's best friends; dogs learned to be quasi-gods (like humans) and pride itselves above other creatures, except monkeys which think they are humans. Got what the 'rat-race' was all about?

Know what this is from?

BAREBACK RIDING "Only horse people understand what this is from" - So true! And only horse people understand the joy that comes from the reason for looking this way. :D Bareback rides are the best.

частная съемка

частная съемка

Throughbred Horse resists its handlers.

"Betwixt the stirrup and the ground, mercy I asked and mercy i found." I learned this saying when I first started riding.

Horse Treats

Which fruits and vegetables are safe for horses? Which are toxic? This infographic gives you some guidelines. Treats for horses