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haven suit 3-4 by SeedDestiny on DeviantArt

Haven Suit by Seed Destiny (female ninja fighter, assassin, thief, rogue sniper, and soldier) Cosplay Costume

Sniper_Female, Yoon LEE on ArtStation at

Sniper_Female, Yoon LEE on ArtStation - boobs and ass pose with bodyshape armor :(

24924321f6af662f7a8b5e9ece97682b5fcf15282eb3d-BqNhWq (JPEG Image, 650 × 1022 pixels)

Impractical but I have to admit, I like the idea of heels on a female mecha suit. Might be quite tropey, so avoid straight up stilettos, but I think it flatters the figure and adds to the overall silhouette of a badass female!

Phantasmic effigy of light by xluxifer

The elegant ghosts of the Great Domain are all lords and ladies. Their forms make many question if they can ever possibly have been human.