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Квенда — Троицкий Александро-Невский монастырь в Акатово

Alexei Kuzmin [ Full-Stack WEB Developer on Python\Django and AngualrJS & Coffee Script.

personality: wine lover

personality: wine lover

personality: green thumb

PRO GARDEN TIP: Plant Garlic Even as the fall harvest season comes to a close, there’s still time for kids to plant garlic in your school garden that will be ready for harvest next summer. Learn about this and other … Continued

personality: newborn

I'm addicted to the smell of a newborn. It's what brand new smells like, wrapped up in baby powder, innocence and hope!

personality: romantic

I absolutely love kissing pictures! They're so cute :) some people act like we're having sex lol no it's just kissing, calm down ;