MIREA | Technology university interior

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people are walking around in an open space at night with purple lights on the building
MIREA | University facade facelift concept
The original facade was made in years of soviet modernism. Facelift concept preserves original facade elements and slightly add new technology by adding thin interactive screen.
an artist's rendering of the inside of a restaurant with people walking around it
MIREA | University cafeteria
Design concept of cafeteria in technical university.
several people are walking around in an art gallery, one is looking at the wall
MIREA | University waiting area
Interior design concept of waiting area in technical university. Seating zone is hidden by interactive screen.
an abstract blurry background with red and purple colors
Gradient color background
That color background was originally designed for interactive screens to design concept on MIREA technical university. #wallpaper #background #gradient
several people are walking down a purple and pink hallway
MIREA | University library lobby
Interactive screens in lobby are responding on people going by. The screens are playing different scenarios of ambient lighting.
people are walking around in an office with purple lights on the walls and large windows
MIREA | University corridor
In corridor intersections meeting pod and wending machines could appear. Because it becomes really convenient when you need to meet with person who is on other side of university (you can meet in the middle of your ways) or if you are in rush for upcoming lection and thirsty — you can buy a bottle of water on the way to lection room.
a woman walking down a long hallway with purple and white decor on the walls,
MIREA | University corridor
Corridor may include more functions like staircase seating system and separate benches.
there are many people standing in the lobby
MIREA | University lobby
Lobby interior design for technical university.
there are many people walking in the tunnel
MIREA | University corridor
Corridor is the communication way from entrance to conference rooms. So there is special lighting setup: tracking lighting is also used as navigation.
a group of people dancing in a large room with lights on the ceiling and floor
MIREA | University lobby interior
Lobby design in the technical university.
an empty room with several toilets in the center and multiple round lights hanging from the ceiling
MIREA | University entrance
Interior of reception and entrance gates in technical university.