Co-workinizer | Organizer for a stationary

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an architectural drawing of a building and its components
Co-workinizer | Stationary organizer
Cluster of sticks to hold business cards and pens.
a drawing of an electronic device and its components are shown in this image, including the battery cover
Co-workinizer | Stationary organizer
Box with holes for wires to connect your device or to charge it.
an image of a white box and some sort of object on a white background with grey lines
Co-workinizer | Stationary organizer
Box for paper stickers.
three boxes are shown with different shapes and sizes in the bottom left hand corner, top right
Co-workinizer | Stationary organizer
Rotating tower for small pins, eraser and paper clips.
three different types of pencils are shown in this drawing, one is open and the other is closed
Co-workinizer | Stationary organizer
Pens, markers and pencils stand.
a line drawing of the back end of a chair with two chairs and three trash cans
Co-workinizer | Stationary organizer
Design of forms for stationary organizer series.
an architectural drawing with the words modules in black and white, along with images of furniture
Co-workinizer | Organizer for stationary
First sketches for a variety of configurations modular stand for stationary.