Kelsey McClellan (photographe) et Michelle Maguire (styliste de plateau) ont conçu ce projet collaboratif nommé Wardrobe snacks. On y voit de parfaites combinaisons de couleurs et de texture, entre les snacks consommés et les vêtements de ceux qui les mangent.

Après les accords mets/vins : les accords snacks/vêtements

Color combination

Yellow zinc - a bright spot in the magical glow of violet color. It is necessary to place the focal points correctly in the design and it will be hard to l

Anna Kristin Einarsen's 'Stilleben' bowls.

Structure is a forthcoming exhibition for Milan Design Week showcasing contemporary Norwegian craft and design. The exhibition, curated by Kråkvik & D’Orazio and Hanna Nova Beatrice, will take

The Sugar & Cloth Color Wall in Houston (+ video

color scheme

I am currently digging the colors of navy, coral and beige together. Bright coral alongside navy and beige makes for a striking color combin.

Don't overthink it.

It's so easy to overcomplicate our lives and relationships just by over thinking things 😐😳 Take a breather in your brain . Try to see the bigger picture and dont get lost in the circumstances. Your thoughts have the power to feed ei