Валентина Бобровская

Валентина Бобровская

Валентина Бобровская
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Mary Joan Stitching: Hardanger Gallery

I've finally finished stitching the Hardanger Heart. I had found the design in an old 'Classic Stitches' magazine. It's a Thea Dueck desi.

Hardanger Embroidery, Sea Urchin, Drawn Thread, Markers, Open Hem, Lace, Embroidery Sieve, Pattern, Straight Stitch, Handicrafts

Learn the Punto Antico fan filling with this YouTube video tutorial, posted by Gingerbread Girl Designs.

This is a lesson on the fan filling in Punto Antico embroidery. It is a supplement to the written instructions on my website, in the "How to" section at www.