How to make an i-cord and also how to add the i-cord to the edge of your knitting by DianaKnits

How to make I-cord and how to use it to trim an edge. Beginning knitting machine lessons by Diana Sullivan. For more tips, techniques, and free knitting patt.

МАШИННОЕ ВЯЗАНИЕ..Обвязка края полотна жгутом

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МАШИННОЕ ВЯЗАНИЕ..Обвязка края полотна жгутом

knitting machine techniques | Hems: decorative scalloped hem

This hem is from the Brother knitting techniques book, page It& an 8 row hem, and then groups of stitches are moved using the transfer.

Alex's Machine Knitting

Hello again every one, I believe it has been a number of weeks since I had posted, about three weeks I think, so I am sorry about that, I ju.