japanese collectif « Kingyobu » installation

Cabine téléphonique transformée en aquarium

"Kingyobu", a group of young Japanese artists transformed this former telephone booth into a giant aquarium. An artful way to give obsolete things a second life!

Outdoor art

ave you ever seen more beautiful spider webs? These are from an artist named NeSpoon. This is such a lovely piece of outdoor art!

yarn bomb railing!  Photo/image credit unknown.

stairs, yarn bombing and grafitti knit image on We Heart It

Yarn Bombing In Philly ❥ 4U // hf http://www.pinterest.com/hilariafina/

Brilliant yarn bombing idea: Stair railings covered in yarn in Philidelphia

Grandma's Graffiti: 35 Examples of Yarn Bombing

Grandma's Graffiti: 35 Examples of Yarn Bombing

cutest yarn bomb toadstool land art , guerilla crochet on a park bench.