Book binding & Full Journals

Beautiful book binding, handmade book and overflowing Journals, yes please. Also: notebook covers, book art, recycled pages, piles of notebooks - and more. For the love of old books, and new ones.
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cute idea

Buy a deck of cards and a Post-It notepad, and then write 52 reasons (one reason for each Post-It note) why you love your significant other. You’ll end up with a deck of cards that contain 52 reasons to make your date’s heart jump.

'52 things i "__" about you' using a deck of cards!

52 reasons why I love you. cute valentine's or anniversary gift or could be great boost for kids 52 things I love about you

Tiny books in a little suitcase #miniature #bookshelf

Oh heaven! Two of my favorite things - tiny books and a suitcase! Suitcase full of tiny tiny books by Adriana.

The Mini Book of Major Events by Evan Lorenzen illustration books

Designer and artist Evan Lorenzen has caught the most important historical events of the world into a tiny book entitled " The Mini Book Of Major Events". It is an ongoing series of handcrafted miniature book by Evan.

tiny handmade coptic stitch books by MyHandboundBooks

crafts, writing, poetry: tiny handmade coptic stitch books by MyHandboundBooks

Journal Goals? Keep filling your lovely journals and you'll reach this! #fulljournals

Instagram Post by 🌹Anastacia🌹 (@journal_junkie)

WEBSTA @ journal_junkie - My journal collection so far - 6 finished notebooks and 1 binder with letters from my awesome penpals

Coffee + journaling = good morning to ya! #notebook

I find it therapeutic to draw in my sketch book, create music or go on a walk outside. I especially love sitting in a coffee shop expressing myself on beautiful paper with a warm drink in my grasp. Find your pleasure, it goes deeper than you might think.