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Brand new Extra Bass Headphones - UNCE UNCE UNCE.

Bought these headphones a couple of days ago and I say they're true to their promise of bringing the listener powerful bass (comfy cushioning, too). I think Sony's new line of Extra Bass is wicked :-)

Windows 8.1 fixes problems, adds new features, but touch screen is still the focus: http://cnet.co/1aIQ0AA

Improved Windows still torn between tablet future and PC past

Как без рук. Управляем Android-смартфоном с компьютера

Как без рук. Управляем Android-смартфоном с компьютера

Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie Design Concept (Pics)

Android KeyLime Pie Concept Screens – Seems Near Perfect – Details While IOS may be the latest Buzz when it comes to the Fresh User .

Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie Design Concept (Pics)

Here are the pics of his design concept for the upcoming Android update Android Key Lime Pie by Jinesh Shah, a student from University of Michigan.

Check out the Samsung GALAXY S4 Zoom

Samsung Announces New Galaxy Zoom, the smartphone that includes a 16 megapixel camera with a zoom lens. This is basically the merging of two markets, the smartphone market and the point and shoot camera market.

Dr. Alban - Hello Africa...oh mein Gott, diese CD bekam ich damals von meinem Dad zu meiner ersten BUM BUM Anlage :-) Ich glaub ich war damals 10 oder 11 :-)))

Top 100 album covers of all time. Truly classic artwork worthy of any art gallery. Greatest LP covers of all time.

Dr.Alban "Loverboy" (official video) | http://pintubest.com

Dr Alban, one of Europe's most successful artist with more than 14 million CDs sold, is back! The new single is LOVERBOY, the strongest outing from the docto.


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Dr. Alban

Dr. Alban