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Seat/chair spec for chair builders
Familiarity with #tree types and #wood grain is one of the most important skills of #woodworking.:
Dry run without wedges would be wise.
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Sacred Geometry Vector Set
How To Build A DIY Lift Top Coffee Table http://theownerbuildernetwork.co/8wf4 If you've ever tried eating or using your laptop on top of a coffee table, you know it isn't comfortable. Here's a great DIY project for a dual purpose coffee table.
Idea for lamp in offices. Natural materials.driftwood.moss. research making Mike's with a pirahana :) fish tank themed.
7 Things You MUST Know About Wood Before You Build or Refinish a Project - It's not as simple as just buying a piece of wood and building it. You have to consider how that wood is going to react in your environment. How much is the wood going to expand and contract? Here are the 7 things you should consider. - Thrift Diving
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