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Infographics and data visualizations that focus on the topic of pets and animals.
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Napping With Cats

Do Your Cats Sleep With You? If so, here's a Guide to Getting a More Peaceful Night's Sleep with cats in your bed

How to Understand Dog Body Language

Educational infographic : Understand Your Dog Read 23 Dog Body Language Cues If you want to understa

The Most Expensive Dog Breeds

Most Expensive Dog Breeds Infographic -Here is an interesting infographic that offers information about eleven of the most expensive dog breeds to buy.

Bees, Hornets, and Wasps of the World

Don't swat at these vital pollinators! These bees, hornets, and wasps are often confused for each other. See the huge variety of honey-creating insect

America's Biggest Fish

Think you might have a lunker fish that could be a new record? Well, check out this Infographic that reveals many of the biggest American fish records!

What Animal Is In My Attic?

Do you hear noises in your attic? Scratching, thumping, and scurrying about? Do you want to get rid of the critters safely and effectively? Are you worried

DIY Dog Treat Recipes That Are 5 Ingredients or Less

You can’t expect your dog to stay healthy and happy if you don’t feed it properly. This infographic from Title Pro has 15 dog treat recipes you should try:Get your infographic featured: submit here

How Do Animals Sleep?

How do animals sleep? Our fun infographic discusses the many ways that animals across the world get their forty winks.

Are You a Cat Person or a Dog Person?

Are You a Cat Person or a Dog Person?

CBD for Dogs: How to Keep Your Puppster Happy and Healthy

CBD for Dogs: Practical Guide for Dog Parents in Need