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Inspiration for creating animals in simple, recognizable shapes.

2017 Chinese new year of the rooster. Black lettering 2017 decorated with red…

2017 new year of rooster. Black lettering 2017 decorated with red and yellow rooster tale, rooster comb, rooster claws and spur. Red fire rooster as symbol of new year 2017 in Chinese calendar.

Wet Fold Origami Technique Gives Wavy Personality to Paper Animals by Artist Hoang Tien Quyet

Difficult Wet Folding Technique Allows This Vietnamese Artist Hoàng Tiến Quyết To Create Curved Origami

30 + Creative DIY String Art Project Ideas---Rooster String Art

30+ Creative DIY String Art Project Ideas

This would make a pretty easy mosaic pattern, or stained glass too - TABLEAU EN…

Stencil is approximately 6 x 5 Inches...... Stencils are cut from 127 micron translucent Mylar....The stencil can be used 100s of times without degrading...this material is extremely flexible and strong and is of an extremely high quality..... I will be happy to answer any questions you may have.......   POSTAGE  Stencils are sent via Australia Post standard mail..... (Free postage within Australia only)  Delivery Times are approx. 3-5 working days within Australia and 4-15 working days…

Nice stencil, but not for a blade. Slice cuts leaving a stencil behind too. Rooster stencil by kraftkutz on Etsy

Roger Excoffon | Hommage au Graphiste et à l’homme | design et typo

Roger Excoffon

Coq Pathé, Roger Excoffon 1963 The brush strokes are simple yet effective due to bold colour of red.

Crawling Tall - Creeping crawlies of the world, arise! Up with the downtrodden, out with the intimidators. Don’t be pushed around by the biggies, the bullies, the braggarts. Muster some bluster, toot your own trumpet, put some steam in your self-esteem. Assert yourself – don’t desert yourself. Learn a lesson from the larva of the royal walnut moth: look mean, hang tough and crawl tall. Wouldn’t you like to be called a hickory horned devil?

Charley Harper - Crawling Tall - Search Gallery One for Harper, Charley limited edition prints, giclee canvases and original paintings by internationally-known artists